Deborah Luxenberg

Deborah Luxenberg

Admitted to the bars of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Dubbed the “Lioness of the District bar” by Washingtonian Magazine, Deborah Luxenberg has consistently handled complex and difficult cases. And it is with the wise oversight and quick response of a mother lion that she takes on and manages her clients’ cases. Since founding the firm in 1975, Deborah has been a pioneer in advancing family law as a unique area of law and in educating the legal profession of the gravity and far-reaching effects of troubles within a family.

Recognized as an expert in family law, Deborah has testified before the U.S. Senate and made numerous television and radio appearances on the subject, including The Today Show, CNN (re: the Elian Gonzales case), Burden of Proof and National Public Radio.

Deborah’s expertise was also tapped by the law schools of American University, Catholic University, and the Institute of Law and Aging at George Washington University where she taught family law. Additionally, for over 15 years, the DC Bar and the Bar Association of DC have scheduled Deborah to teach family law to attorneys. For a complete biography, click here.



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