At Luxenberg & Johnson, PC we believe that our clients are entitled to the best advice, the most accurate information, and the utmost protection available. Our commitment is to provide that. And our experience and creativity make that possible.

  • Strong Representation: We seek to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs and are committed to providing the strongest representation possible.
  • Seeking Alternatives to Litigation: In the majority of cases, we believe it is both preferable and beneficial to our clients to avoid litigation, along with its financial and personal toll on individuals and families. Negotiation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and collaborative law often better serve our clients and their loved ones.
  • Experienced Litigators: Our attorneys have years of courtroom experience. They are not afraid to litigate and are willing to take cases  to trial when alternative dispute resolution does not work.
  • Innovative Strategies: We are known for developing innovative and highly effective strategies to help our clients achieve their goals.
  • Personal Attention: We believe our clients deserve a high degree of personal attention and responsiveness. Each and every client deals directly with one of the firm’s principals or associate attorney— all of whom are familiar with the firm’s active cases.
  • Personal Control: Clients of Luxenberg & Johnson, PC, feel in control of their own cases. We advise, counsel, and provide options, but our clients make their own informed decisions.


Nothing published on this site constitutes, or should be construed as, legal advice. This blog is intended solely as a forum to discuss family law news and generic issues. It is provided as a convenience to our readers. Luxenberg & Johnson, P.C., is not responsible for any third-party content featured on this site


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